Sidwalk Syntax

SIDWalk Syntax

SIDWalk uses the following syntax:

Imagem sidwalk ProfileFile[ProfileFile …][/t][/f [Path]][/r][/s][/p][/g][/lFile][/?]


Specifies the path and file name of one or more .csv mapping files to be used for input.
Conducts a test/dry run.
/f[ Path]
Scans all NTFS file system files or, optionally, only those on the directory tree of the specified path.
Scans the registry.
Scans file shares.
Scans printer shares.
Scans local groups.
/l File
Generates a Converter log file with File as the file name and path.
Displays help on SIDwalk.


  • When run without parameters, SIDWalk displays help.

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