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Telemetry Overview

Publicado: maio de 2012

Atualizado: setembro de 2012

Aplica-se a: Windows Server 2012

You can help Microsoft improve the quality, reliability, and performance of its operating systems by participating in the Microsoft Customer Experience Improvement Program (CEIP) and Windows Error Reporting (WER). If you accept, Microsoft Corporation collects statistical information about your system configuration, the performance of some features of Windows, and certain types of events. Windows periodically uploads a small file to Microsoft that contains a summary of the information collected.

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Windows Feedback Forwarder is a service that enables you to automatically send feedback to Microsoft by deploying a Group Policy setting to one or more organizational units. Windows Feedback Forwarder is available on all editions of Windows Server 2012. You can also install Windows Feedback Forwarder on a Server Core installation of Windows Server 2012 by using the Windows PowerShell cmdlets for Server Manager.


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What's New in Telemetry


Implantar o Encaminhador de Comentários do Windows


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