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DPM 2007 SP1 -- how to do individual item restore for Exchange

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About This Video

This video continues the series of feature-level podcasts on DPM 2007, this week focusing on Exchange Server and item level restore.

While DPM 2007 natively protects Exchange Storage Groups, and restores both SG's and DB's -- it does not directly restore mailboxes or individual items.  For granluar recovery, we leverage the Recovery Storage Group (RSG), as prescribed by the Exchange product team.  Direct individual item restore is not supported by Exchange ( KB 904845) without using the Recovery Storage Group (RSG).  

Ilse Van Criekinge, an Exchange MVP, does one of the best jobs that I've seen on how to do an individual item restore from Exchange Server 2007 with DPM 2007.  She is a very impressive speaker on all things Exchange, so much so that she won 'Speaker Idol' at IT Forum 2007, and is a lead instructor at Global Knowledge.  Ilse was kind enough to let me re-post this - from the Belux TechNet podcast library.

For more information on how DPM 2007 protects and recovers Exchange data, go to


Published Date: December 26, 2008
Presented By: Jason Buffington




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