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Windows Server 2003

Microsoft public newsgroups are great places to exchange ideas with others and discuss common issues. You can read and write messages using an NNTP-based newsreader such as Microsoft Outlook Express. You can also use our Web-based newsreader to access all of the newsgroups.

Note:  Posting in newsgroups can make it easier for spammers to send you unsolicited commercial e-mail messages. For tips about how you can minimize spam, see the Microsoft Communities Rules of Conduct page.


Discuss a topic that interests you by visiting any of the following newsgroups.

More Newsgroups

  • Operating Systems
    Meet other IT pros, get up to speed, find solutions, and share ideas in these newsgroups focused on server–related operating systems.
  • Clustering Technologies
    Discuss clustering technology topics and solutions with peers and experts spanning from the latest developments to legacy systems such as Windows NT Server.
  • Directory Services
    Explore a variety of Windows 2000 Active Directory–related newsgroups for advice and answers including core technologies, ADSI, MSMQ programming, and more.
  • File Services
    Discover more about files services through discussion and announcements in newsgroups about general topics, Windows NT, and others created in parallel with emerging technologies and products.
  • Internet Information Services (IIS)
    Read about the latest IIS–related topics and get answers from an array of different newsgroups including general security issues, FTP, ISAPI, SMTP, and NNTP technologies.
  • Management Technologies
    Choose from a growing list of management–related newsgroups with topics ranging from Group Policy, MSI, WMI, and Server Scripting to a cornucopia of update services and tools.
  • Networking Technologies
    Looking for networking answers, advice, or both? More than a dozen different technology newsgroups are offered here, covering most Microsoft operating systems, Win32, NetWare, and more.
  • IT Pro Security
    Make your network more secure through discussing the latest and greatest security–focused resources with other IT pros in specific newsgroups including HFNETCHK, baseline analyzer, and virus scripting.
  • Terminal Services
    Get a handle on Terminal Services and related technologies through newsgroup topics centered on Windows 2000 applications and clients, Windows XP, and all facets of Windows NT.
  • Update Services
    Take control of your updates. Troubleshoot and manage Update Services with these helpful newsgroups.

Can’t find the newsgroup you want? Visit the Microsoft Discussion Groups page for a complete listing. Or, you can explore the resources in the Windows Server Community for MVP bios, user groups, and related communities.