Assembly Object Properties: General Tab

Aplica-se a: System Center Configuration Manager 2007, System Center Configuration Manager 2007 R2, System Center Configuration Manager 2007 R3, System Center Configuration Manager 2007 SP1, System Center Configuration Manager 2007 SP2

Use the General tab of the Configuration Manager 2007 Assembly Properties dialog box to define your own name and description for this assembly object that will be assessed for compliance.

This tab contains the following elements:

Assembly name
Specifies the name of the assembly object you will see in the Configuration Manager 2007 administrator console. The name cannot be the same as other assembly objects of the same type and must be registered in the Global Assembly Cache. The assembly name can be up to 256 characters long.

An assembly is a piece of code that can be shared between applications. Assemblies can have the file extension .dll or .exe. The Global Assembly Cache is a folder named %systemroot%\assembly on client computers where all shared assemblies are stored.

Specifies the description for the assembly object. The description should give an overview of the assembly object and other relevant information that helps identify it among other objects. The description can be up to 256 characters long.

Saves the changes and exits the dialog box.

Exits the dialog box without saving any changes.

Opens the help topic for this tab of the dialog box.

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