Accounts Properties

Aplica-se a: System Center Configuration Manager 2007, System Center Configuration Manager 2007 R2, System Center Configuration Manager 2007 R3, System Center Configuration Manager 2007 SP1, System Center Configuration Manager 2007 SP2

The Accounts window displays some of the accounts configured in the Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager 2007 console. The Accounts node displays the following accounts, if they are configured:

  • Client Push Installation Accounts

  • Site Address Accounts

  • Site System Installation Accounts

  • Software Update Point Connection Account

  • Health State Reference Publishing Accounts

  • Health State Reference Querying Accounts

  • Management Point Database Connect Accounts

  • Network Access Account

  • Package Access Accounts

  • PXE Service Point Database Connection Accounts

  • RAS Sender Phone Book Accounts

  • Server Locator Point Database Connection Accounts

  • Software Update Point Proxy Server Account

You can modify the passwords, but not the names, of these accounts. If you need to modify the name or change the account used, you must go to the location where the account is configured. For more information, see How to Configure Configuration Manager 2007 Accounts.

If you change an account to use a different user account, the account is not removed from the list in the Accounts node but it will show up as "Not configured" because the user account might still be in use for some other Configuration Manager 2007 account role.

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