How to Disable an Advertisement

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You can disable an advertisement to prevent Configuration Manager 2007 from running the associated program on client computers where it is currently advertised. When an advertisement is disabled, the program is still sent to distribution points and is still advertised on client computers, but it will not be displayed or run on the client. This behavior is the same that occurs when a program has been disabled directly.

You can enable an advertisement that has been disabled to resume availability of the program to client computers.

When you disable an advertisement, all advertisements of the associated program are affected, not just the advertisement you select.

To disable an advertisement

  1. In the Configuration Manager console, navigate to System CenterConfiguration Manager / Site Database / Computer Management / Software Distribution / Advertisements.

  2. Right-click the advertisement you want to disable, and click Disable Program.

  3. Click Yes.

    You can also disable a program directly from that program's properties dialog box. For more information about how to do this, see How to Disable a Program.

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