Application Compatibility Toolkit Connector Server Properties

Aplica-se a: System Center Configuration Manager 2007, System Center Configuration Manager 2007 R2, System Center Configuration Manager 2007 R3, System Center Configuration Manager 2007 SP1, System Center Configuration Manager 2007 SP2

Use the ACT Configuration properties page to configure the connection with ACT.

This page contains the following elements:


Name Description

SQL Server

Specify the Microsoft SQL server that ACT should connect to.

ACT Database

Specify the database that ACT should connect to on the server specified.

Application Compatibility Toolkit Log Processing Service will collect log files external to ConfigMgr

Specifies if ACT should collect log file information from a share on the server where ACT is installed.

ConfigMgr will collect ACT log files using ConfigMgr software file collection. Specify the severe running the ACT log processing service

Specifies that collected log file information will be collected from a network share located on a Configuration Manager 2007 site server.

For additional information, see Configuration Manager 2007 Information and Support.
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