Prerequisites for Upgrading to Configuration Manager

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When preparing to upgrade an existing SMS 2003 site, consider the following information before beginning the upgrade process:

  • In order to begin the upgrade process, all SMS 2003 sites to be upgraded must be at the SMS 2003 SP2 level or above.

  • In SMS 2003, you had the option of standard security or advanced security, and advanced security was recommended. In Configuration Manager 2007, you have only one security mode and that mode is equivalent to SMS 2003 advanced security mode. Before upgrading an SMS 2003 site, ensure that the site has been configured to use advanced security. Also verify that all of its direct child sites are using advanced security before upgrading the site to Configuration Manager 2007.

  • Before you upgrade your SMS site, upgrade any SMS 2003 Legacy Clients deployed to computers running the Windows 2000 Service Pack 4 operating system, or later, to the SMS 2003 Advanced Client.

  • When performing an upgrade to Configuration Manager 2007 from SMS 2003, it is important that you first verify that all site systems meet any new prerequisite requirements. For instance, Web-based Distributed Authoring and Versioning (WebDAV) was not a requirement for management points in SMS 2003, but it is for Configuration Manager management points. If upgrading a site with a remote management point, you must ensure that the remote management point meets the WebDAV prerequisite requirement. The Configuration Manager 2007 Setup prerequisite checker does not verify that remote site system prerequisites are met. For more information about Configuration Manager 2007 prerequisites, see Prerequisites for Installing Configuration Manager.

  • Disable Microsoft® SQL Server™ replication of the SMS site database, if you enabled it. For more information about disabling SQL Server replication, see How to Disable SQL Server Database Replication

  • Uninstall any installed SMS 2003 feature packs, except for the Inventory Tool for Microsoft Updates.

  • During the upgrade process, existing default collections are not recreated. If custom membership rules were created for default collections before upgrading the site, the membership rules for default collections will remain using the customized query values. If any of the default Configuration Manager 2007 collections are not present on the site to be upgraded, they will be created during the upgrade process. To disable the creation of default collections during Setup, the /NODEFAULTCOLL Setup command line option can be used.

  • When upgrading to Configuration Manager 2007 , immediately following the Configuration Manager 2007 site server upgrade, the installed inventory tools must be upgraded. The SMS 2003 inventory tools (including any third-party inventory scan tools) do not run properly on Configuration Manager sites. The new version of the Inventory Tool for Microsoft Updates (SMSITMU.MSI) is located in \SMSSETUP\SUMSCANTOOLS\I386 on the Configuration Manager 2007 installation CD. When the inventory tool upgrade completes, the synchronization task initiates as a separate process and runs in the background. When synchronization completes, the new catalog displays in the Software Updates Catalog node of the Configuration Manager console and the associated software update information is available.

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