How to Update AMT Settings in Provisioned Computers Using Out of Band Management

Atualizada: Outubro de 2009

Aplica-se a: System Center Configuration Manager 2007 R2, System Center Configuration Manager 2007 R3, System Center Configuration Manager 2007 SP1, System Center Configuration Manager 2007 SP2

After AMT-computers are provisioned by Configuration Manager, you must update them for out of band management if you change the AMT settings in Configuration Manager 2007 SP1 and later. Computers that are already provisioned for AMT are not automatically reconfigured.

As informações neste tema aplicam-se apenas ao Configuration Manager 2007 SP1 ou posterior.

AMT-based computers that are configured by Configuration Manager and connected to 802.1X authenticated wired or wireless networks in Configuration Manager 2007 SP2 can be updated with new settings, with the exception of settings in a wireless profile that is currently in use.

If you have AMT-based computers that are provisioned by another AMT management solution, these computers must be migrated before they can be updated by Configuration Manager. For more information, see Decide How to Migrate from an AMT-Based Management Solution to Out of Band Management in Configuration Manager.

Use the following procedure to apply new AMT settings to computers that are already provisioned by Configuration Manager.

To update computers for new AMT settings

  • From the Collections node in the Configuration Manager console, locate the AMT-based computer to update, right-click the computer, click Out of Band Management, click Update Provisioning Data in Management Controller Memory, and then click OK.

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