Configuration Manager 2007 R2 Installation Checklist

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The following checklist is intended to provide a high-level list of items to consider and outlines the steps you should take to install the Configuration Manager 2007 R2 feature update release on a Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager 2007 SP1 site. For information about performing a new installation of Configuration Manager 2007, see Planning and Deploying the Server Infrastructure for Configuration Manager 2007.

It is not necessary to extend the Active Directory schema for Configuration Manager 2007 R2.


Step Reference

Ensure your computing environment meets the supported configurations required for installing the Configuration Manager 2007 R2 feature update release.

Configuration Manager 2007 R2 Supported Configurations

Verify that you do not have any unresolved operational issues with the site by checking the site status messages.

Using Status Messages for Configuration Manager Troubleshooting

Install any critical Windows updates on the site server and site systems.

Install any critical Microsoft SQL Server updates on the site database server.

If you are using SQL Server Database Replication, disable it before upgrading.

How to Disable SQL Server Database Replication

Back up the site to be upgraded.

Tasks for Backing Up a Site

No additional schema updates are required for Configuration Manager 2007 R2. However, if you have not already extended your schema for Configuration Manager 2007, you should consider the benefits of extending it.

Decide If You Should Extend the Active Directory Schema

Restart the site server and site systems to ensure that there are no pending actions from installing updates or prerequisites.


Run Configuration Manager 2007 R2 Setup from the Configuration Manager installation media, from a copy of the installation media located on a network shared folder, or other storage media to start the Configuration Manager R2 Setup Wizard.

When installing Configuration Manager 2007 R2 in multi-site hierarchies, the central site should always be the first site Configuration Manager 2007 R2 is installed on.

Configuration Manager Tasks for Upgrade and Interoperability

After installing the Configuration Manager 2007 R2 feature update release on the primary site server, Configuration Manager 2007 R2 Setup should be run on secondary site server computers and on any associated Configuration Manager consoles to allow Configuration Manager 2007 R2 features to be displayed.

The displayed product version number for Configuration Manager console installations does not change after running Configuration Manager 2007 R2 Setup to add additional R2 feature support.

Configuration Manager Tasks for Upgrade and Interoperability

If you are using SQL Server Database Replication, reconfigure it after upgrading.

How to Configure SQL Server Site Database Replication

Verify that the site installed successfully.

How to Verify Successful Site Installation

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