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Overview of Deploying ASP.NET Applications in IIS 6.0

ASP.NET is a unified Web application platform that provides services to help you build and deploy enterprise-class Web applications and XML-based Web services. ASP.NET is supported on the Microsoft® Windows® Server 2003, Standard Edition; Windows® Server2003, Enterprise Edition; Windows® Server2003, Datacenter Edition; and Windows® Server2003, Web Edition operating systems. ASP.NET is installed with the Microsoft .NET Framework version 1.1 as a part of Windows Server 2003. However, to run ASP.NET applications, you must also install IIS 6.0.

ASP.NET is not available on the following operating systems: Microsoft® Windows® XP 64-Bit Edition; the 64-bit version of Windows® Server 2003, Enterprise Edition; and the 64-bit version of Windows® Server 2003, Datacenter Edition. For more information, see "Features unavailable on 64-bit versions of the Windows Server 2003 family" in Help and Support Center for Microsoft® Windows® Server 2003.

The deployment process presented in this section describes how to deploy ASP.NET applications on a newly installed IIS 6.0 Web server. Before you begin this process, complete the following steps:

  • Install Windows Server 2003, which includes version 1.1 of the .NET Framework, with the default options.
  • Install IIS 6.0 with the default settings in Add or Remove Programs in Control Panel.

If you need to install ASP.NET applications that were written for IIS 5.0 or version 1.0 of the .NET Framework on a new Web server, see Migrating IIS Web Sites to IIS 6.0. If you want to upgrade a Web server running IIS 5.0 that is hosting existing ASP.NET applications, see Upgrading an IIS Server to IIS 6.0.

When you configure IIS 6.0 to run in IIS 5.0 isolation mode, the settings in the <processModel> section of the Machine.config file are configured in the same way as they were in IIS 5.0 — in the Machine.config or Web.config files. For more information about configuring ASP.NET applications when IIS 6.0 is configured to run in IIS 5.0 isolation mode, see Descrição Geral da Configuração do ASP.NET.

Upon completing the process described in this section, you will have a Web server running IIS 6.0 and hosting your ASP.NET applications. However, you can further configure the Web server to improve the security and availability of your ASP.NET applications. For more information about configuring your Web server to improve the security and availability of your ASP.NET applications, see Securing Web Sites and Applications and Ensuring Application Availability.

The configuration settings discussed in this section are appropriate for Web sites and applications that are hosted on Web servers on an intranet and the Internet, unless specifically noted.

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