Actualizado: Abril de 2012

Aplica-se a: Windows Server 2008

Starts the Kernel Transaction Manager utility. If used without parameters, ktmutil displays available subcommands.

For examples of how to use this command, see Examples.

ktmutil list tms 
ktmutil list transactions [{TmGuid}]
ktmutil resolve complete {TmGuid} {RmGuid} {EnGuid}
ktmutil resolve commit {TxGuid}
ktmutil resolve rollback {TxGuid}
ktmutil force commit {??Guid}
ktmutil force rollback {??Guid}
ktmutil forget

To force an Indoubt transaction with GUID 311a9209-03f4-11dc-918f-00188b8f707b to commit, type:

ktmutil force commit {311a9209-03f4-11dc-918f-00188b8f707b}

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