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Active Directory Certificate Services and Public Key Management

The Active Directory Certificate Services (AD CS) server role in Windows Server® 2008 provides customizable services for issuing and managing certificates in software security systems that use public key technologies. The following is a list of the Installed Help content that is available for AD CS and public key management in Windows Server 2008.

  • Serviços de Certificados do Active Directory

    Explains how to configure and operate a certification authority (CA) and related components to issue and manage certificates.

  • Certificados

    Explains how to view and assess certificate contents, and to manage their use.

  • Modelos de Certificado

    Explains how to configure and issue certificates based on certificate templates.

  • Dispositivo de Resposta Online

    Explains how to configure and manage Online Certificate Status Protocol (OCSP) validation and revocation checking in Windows-based networks.

  • PKI de Empresa

    Explains how to monitor and manage one or more CAs and related components in an organization.

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