Adsiedit Overview

Tool Location

The Adsiedit.msc GUI tool is included when you install Windows Server 2003 Support Tools from the product CD or from the Microsoft Download Center ( For more information about how to install Windows Support Tools from the product CD, see Install Windows Support Tools (

Adsiedit.msc: ADSI Edit

This GUI tool is a Microsoft Management Console (MMC) snap-in that acts as a low-level editor for Active Directory. Network administrators can use Active Directory Service Interfaces (ADSI) for common administrative tasks such as adding, deleting, and moving objects with a directory service. Attributes for each object viewed can be changed or deleted.

Corresponding UI

ADSIEdit provides its own user interface. See Adsiedit UI for more information.


Active Directory provides directory services in the Windows Server 2003 operating systems. There are many tools that allow Active Directory to be viewed and edited and these tools use either LDAP or ADSI application programming interfaces (APIs) to access Active Directory.

ADSIEdit provides a GUI interface to view and make changes to Active Directory. Many of the features of ADSIEdit are similar to the Active Directory Users and Computers snap-in, but ADSIEdit provides a much lower-level view of Active Directory information.

System Requirements

The following are the system requirements for ADSIEdit:

  • Connection to an Active Directory environment
  • Microsoft Management Console

Files Required

  • Adsiedit.dll
  • Adsiedit.msc

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