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Migrating Web Sites with the IIS 6.0 Migration Tool

Earlier in the process, you determined whether to migrate your Web sites by using the IIS 6.0 Migration Tool or to migrate them manually. If you decided to use the IIS 6.0 Migration Tool to complete the migration process, perform the steps that are described in this section.

If you decided to complete the migration process manually, you can skip this step and proceed directly to Migrating Web Sites Manually later in this section. For more information about how to determine whether to perform the migration with the IIS 6.0 Migration Tool, see Selecting a Migration Method earlier in this section.

Figure 6.5 illustrates the process of performing the migration to IIS 6.0 with the IIS 6.0 Migration Tool.

Figure 6.5   Migrating Web Sites to IIS 6.0 with the IIS 6.0 Migration Tool

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