Register the Service Provider Foundation Endpoint for Virtual Machine Clouds

Atualizada: Outubro de 2013

Aplica-se a: Windows Azure Pack for Windows Server

Service Provider Foundation exposes an extensible OData web service that interacts with Virtual Machine Manager (VMM) and enables service providers to design and implement multi-tenant self-service portals to provide IaaS capabilities. This topic provides instructions on how to register the Service Provider Foundation endpoint with portal de gestão para administradores to enable the VM Clouds service from the portal. For information on how Service Provider Foundation associates with portal de gestão para administradores, see How is the management portal for administrators associated with Service Provider Foundation?

You must consider the following before registering the Service Provider Foundation.

Perform the following steps to register Service Provider Foundation in Windows Azure Pack.

  1. From the portal de gestão para administradores, click the VM Clouds tab.

  2. From the VM Clouds tab, click the QuickStart (Ícone de Início Rápido) view.

  3. From the Quick Start view on the VM Clouds tab, click Register System Center Service Provider Foundation and enter the URL for the Service Provider Foundation server. The endpoint URL is constructed as https://<server name>:8090, where the server name is the fully qualified domain name (FQDN) of the server that has Service Provider Foundation installed. The colon and the port specification are required. The default port for Service Provider Foundation is 8090.

  4. Provide the user name and password that is used for the VMM, Admin, Usage, and Provider Application Pool identities in Internet Information Services (IIS) where Service Provider Foundation is installed.

  5. Click the check mark. Once the registration is complete, all the VMMs (or stamps) that are already associated with the Service Provider Foundation endpoint you registered are listed under the Clouds tab. In addition, any stamps that you will create against the registered Service Provider Foundation endpoint in the future will be listed as stamps in the Clouds tab. You can expand the stamp to see all the clouds provisioned on the stamp.

    Carimbos de lista e Nuvens VM

    You can use the Register System Center Service Provider Foundation link to edit a Service Provider Foundation registration. However, you must use this option very judiciously because editing the Service Provider Foundation registration breaks all the existing plans and subscriptions that are creating against the virtual machine clouds associated with the already registered Service Provider Foundation endpoint.

  6. If the Service Provider Foundation server that you registered does not have any existing stamps, you can create the stamps using the portal de gestão para administradores. For instructions, see Add VMM stamps to Virtual Machine Clouds.

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