Use the default domain with Office 365 services


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The easiest way to get started with Office 365 is to use the initial domain that Office 365 creates for you. Let’s say your organization name is Fourth Coffee. The format of your initial domain looks like this: If you’re happy with this domain name, you can start using Office 365 right away. What’s great about the domain is that you don’t have to pay to register a domain or manage DNS records. Microsoft does this for you as part of your subscription to Office 365.


Setting up domains is a step most admins take as they set up Office 365. For more information, see Streamline your deployment of Office 365.

Here are a few things to keep in mind about using the domain:

  • Your user ID and email address, and all of your users’ IDs and email addresses, will look something like

  • You can’t rename an initial domain after sign-up. For example, if the initial domain you chose when you signed up for Office 365 was, you can’t change it to be To use a different domain, you have to open a new account with Office 365.

  • Your Office 365 public website is hosted on your initial SharePoint Online domain (like instead of on the domain that you use with other services. You can change that later to use a custom domain address, like, if you want to.

There is no impact to users unless you later decide to add your own custom domain. In that case, you will probably want to change your users’ email addresses to use your own domain, like using instead of

No extra steps are needed—you’re done! You can keep using the domain with Office 365 for as long as your subscription is valid.

If you don’t like having as part of your domain name, now is a good time to add a custom domain name to Office 365 so that you don’t have change email addresses later, after users have already started using the service. Here are some ways to add your own domain.


Method Description More information

Add a domain by using the Office 365 domains wizard

To get started, go to the domains wizard in Office 365.

You’ll have the option to buy a domain right in the wizard, and then the wizard helps you confirm in Office 365 that you own it.

Hire a partner to help you add a custom domain to Office 365

We provide step-by-step instructions for verifying domain ownership with many domain registrars, but you might still prefer to have help adding a domain to Office 365. You can find a list of partners in the Office 365 Marketplace.