Installing System Center Configuration Manager sites


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When you are ready to install your first O System Center Configuration Manager, or add additional sites to your hierarchy, the following subjects can help you do so successfully.

Prepare to install sites
Essential information that will help you successfully install a site to a new or existing hierarchy. This includes when you must use different source files, limitations that apply to all sites, and optional actions you can take that can simplify your tasks when you must install more than a single site.

Prerequisites for installing site
Learn about the required permissions your account must have to install a site, and related prerequisites for each type of site you can install.

Install sites using the Setup Wizard
This topic walks through the site installation wizard, and provides details about options that might not be clear in the Wizard user interface.

Install sites using a command line and script
Learn how to get a site installation script and how to use it for unattended site installs.

Install Configuration Manager consoles
This topic provides guidance on how to install a Configuration Manager console on a computer where you are not installing a site.

Upgrade an Eval installation to a Full installation
Read this topic when you’re ready to upgrade your evaluation site to a fully licensed Configuration Manager site.

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