Language Packs in System Center Configuration Manager


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This topic provides technical details about language support in O System Center Configuration Manager.Supported Operating System LanguagesYou can install support for the following display languages by installing server language packs or client language packs at a central administration site and at primary sites. Language pack files are downloaded when you run setup as part of the prerequisite and redistributable file download. You can also use Setup Downloader to download these files before you run Setup. During installation of a site, you select the server and client languages to support at that site from the available language pack files.Use the following table to map a locale ID to a language that you want to support on servers or clients. For more information about locale IDs, see Locale IDs Assigned by Microsoft in the MSDN online library.Server LanguagesServer language Locale ID (LCID) Three letter code </tr> </thead> <tbody> <tr> <TD> <para>English (default)</para> </TD> <TD> <para>0409</para> </TD> <TD> <para>ENU</para> </TD> </tr> <tr> <TD> <para>Chinese (Traditional, Hong Kong SAR)</para> </TD> <TD> <para>0c04</para> </TD> <TD> <para>ZHH</para> </TD> </tr> <tr> <TD> <para>Chinese (Simplified)</para> </TD> <TD> <para>0804</para> </TD> <TD> <para>CHS</para> </TD> </tr> <tr> <TD> <para>Chinese (Traditional, Taiwan)</para> </TD> <TD> <para>0404</para> </TD> <TD> <para>CHT</para> </TD> </tr> <tr> <TD> <para>Czech</para> </TD> <TD> <para>0405</para> </TD> <TD> <para>CSY</para> </TD> </tr> <tr> <TD> <para>Dutch - Netherlands</para> </TD> <TD> <para>0413</para> </TD> <TD> <para>NLD</para> </TD> </tr> <tr> <TD> <para>French</para> </TD> <TD> <para>040c</para> </TD> <TD> <para>FRA</para> </TD> </tr> <tr> <TD> <para>German</para> </TD> <TD> <para>0407</para> </TD> <TD> <para>DEU</para> </TD> </tr> <tr> <TD> <para>Hungarian</para> </TD> <TD> <para>040e</para> </TD> <TD> <para>HUN</para> </TD> </tr> <tr> <TD> <para>Italian - Italy</para> </TD> <TD> <para>0410</para> </TD> <TD> <para>ITA</para> </TD> </tr> <tr> <TD> <para>Japanese</para> </TD> <TD> <para>0411</para> </TD> <TD> <para>JPN</para> </TD> </tr> <tr> <TD> <para>Korean</para> </TD> <TD> <para>0412</para> </TD> <TD> <para>KOR</para> </TD> </tr> <tr> <TD> <para>Polish</para> </TD> <TD> <para>0415</para> </TD> <TD> <para>PLK</para> </TD> </tr> <tr> <TD> <para>Portuguese - Brazil</para> </TD> <TD> <para>0416</para> </TD> <TD> <para>PTB</para> </TD> </tr> <tr> <TD> <para>Portuguese - Portugal</para> </TD> <TD> <para>0816</para> </TD> <TD> <para>PTG</para> </TD> </tr> <tr> <TD> <para>Russian</para> </TD> <TD> <para>0419</para> </TD> <TD> <para>RUS</para> </TD> </tr> <tr> <TD> <para>Spanish – Spain</para> </TD> <TD> <para>0c0a</para> </TD> <TD> <para>ESN</para> </TD> </tr> <tr> <TD> <para>Swedish</para> </TD> <TD> <para>041d</para> </TD> <TD> <para>SVE</para> </TD> </tr> <tr> <TD> <para>Turkish</para> <para/> </TD> <TD> <para>041f</para> </TD> <TD> <para>TRK</para> </TD> </tr> </tbody> </table> </content> </section> <section expanded="false"> <title>Client Languages</title> <content> <table xmlns:caps=""> <thead> <tr> <TD> <para>Client language </para> </TD> <TD> <para>Locale ID (LCID) </para> </TD> <TD> <para>Three letter code</para> </TD> </tr> </thead> <tbody> <tr> <TD> <para>English (default)</para> </TD> <TD> <para>0409</para> </TD> <TD> <para>ENG</para> </TD> </tr> <tr> <TD> <para>Chinese (Traditional, Hong Kong SAR)</para> </TD> <TD> <para>0c04</para> </TD> <TD> <para>ZHH</para> </TD> </tr> <tr> <TD> <para>Chinese -Simplified</para> </TD> <TD> <para>0804</para> </TD> <TD> <para>CHS</para> </TD> </tr> <tr> <TD> <para>Chinese (Traditional, Taiwan)</para> </TD> <TD> <para>0404</para> </TD> <TD> <para>CHT</para> </TD> </tr> <tr> <TD> <para>Czech</para> </TD> <TD> <para>0405</para> </TD> <TD> <para>CSY</para> </TD> </tr> <tr> <TD> <para>Danish</para> </TD> <TD> <para>0406</para> </TD> <TD> <para>DAN</para> </TD> </tr> <tr> <TD> <para>Dutch - Netherlands</para> </TD> <TD> <para>0413</para> </TD> <TD> <para>NLD</para> </TD> </tr> <tr> <TD> <para>Finnish</para> </TD> <TD> <para>040b</para> </TD> <TD> <para>FIN</para> </TD> </tr> <tr> <TD> <para>French</para> </TD> <TD> <para>040c</para> </TD> <TD> <para>FRA</para> </TD> </tr> <tr> <TD> <para>German</para> </TD> <TD> <para>0407</para> </TD> <TD> <para>DEU</para> </TD> </tr> <tr> <TD> <para>Greek</para> </TD> <TD> <para>0408</para> </TD> <TD> <para>ELL</para> </TD> </tr> <tr> <TD> <para>Hungarian</para> </TD> <TD> <para>040e</para> </TD> <TD> <para>HUN</para> </TD> </tr> <tr> <TD> <para>Italian - Italy</para> </TD> <TD> <para>0410</para> </TD> <TD> <para>ITA</para> </TD> </tr> <tr> <TD> <para>Japanese</para> </TD> <TD> <para>0411</para> </TD> <TD> <para>JPN</para> </TD> </tr> <tr> <TD> <para>Korean</para> </TD> <TD> <para>0412</para> </TD> <TD> <para>KOR</para> </TD> </tr> <tr> <TD> <para>Norwegian</para> </TD> <TD> <para>0414</para> </TD> <TD> <para>NOR</para> </TD> </tr> <tr> <TD> <para>Polish</para> </TD> <TD> <para>0415</para> </TD> <TD> <para>PLK</para> </TD> </tr> <tr> <TD> <para>Portuguese (Brazil)</para> </TD> <TD> <para>0416</para> </TD> <TD> <para>PTB</para> </TD> </tr> <tr> <TD> <para>Portuguese (Portugal)</para> </TD> <TD> <para>0816</para> </TD> <TD> <para>PTG</para> </TD> </tr> <tr> <TD> <para>Russian</para> </TD> <TD> <para>0419</para> </TD> <TD> <para>RUS</para> </TD> </tr> <tr> <TD> <para>Spanish - Spain</para> </TD> <TD> <para>0c0a</para> </TD> <TD> <para>ESN</para> </TD> </tr> <tr> <TD> <para>Swedish</para> </TD> <TD> <para>041d</para> </TD> <TD> <para>SVE</para> </TD> </tr> <tr> <TD> <para>Turkish</para> </TD> <TD> <para>041f</para> </TD> <TD> <para>TRK</para> </TD> </tr> </tbody> </table> </content> </section> <section expanded="false"> <title>Mobile Device Client Languages</title> <content> <para>When you add support for mobile device languages, all mobile device client languages are included. You cannot select individual language packs for mobile device support. For information about supported languages for devices you manage with on-premises mobile device management, see the <link xlink:href="17905b4c-3895-4ad4-a69c-5e0d0fc5a8c3#bkmk_OnpremOS">On-premises mobile device management</link> section in the <link xlink:href="17905b4c-3895-4ad4-a69c-5e0d0fc5a8c3">Support for Configuration Manager site systems and clients</link> topic.</para> </content> </section> <section expanded="false"> <title>How to Identify Installed Language Packs</title> <content> <para>You can identify the language packs that are installed on a computer that runs the <token>cmshort</token> client by viewing the locale ID (LCID) of the installed language packs in the computer’s registry. This information is available in the following location:</para> <list class="bullet"> <listItem> <para> <ui>HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\CCMSetup\InstalledLangs</ui> </para> </listItem> </list> <para>You can use hardware inventory to collect this information, and then build a custom report to view the language details. For information about collecting custom hardware inventory, see <link xlink:href="0e45290e-f8f7-4335-801e-570225d12c2b">How to extend hardware inventory in System Center Configuration Manager</link>. For information on creating reports, see the <link xlink:href="b89bcfbf-f5b6-4fb1-bb5e-a5cc18ec0c78#BKMK_ManageReports">Manage Configuration Manager reports</link> section in the <link xlink:href="b89bcfbf-f5b6-4fb1-bb5e-a5cc18ec0c78">Operations and Maintenance for Reporting in Configuration Manager</link> topic.</para> </content> </section> </sections> Site and hierarchy infrastructure technical references