Configuring IIS for Secure Streaming

Обновлено: Октябрь 2009 г.

Назначение: Application Virtualization

With the release of Microsoft Application Virtualization (App-V) version 4.5, you can use HTTP and HTTPS as protocols for streaming application packages to the App-V clients. This option enables organizations to leverage the additional scalability that IIS typically offers. When you use IIS as a streaming server, you can help secure the communications between the client and server by using HTTPS instead of HTTP.

If you want to stream applications from a file server, you should enhance the security of the communications to the application packages. This can be achieved using IPsec. For more information see the following topics in the TechNet Library:

MIME Types

When you use IIS to stream virtual applications with HTTP or HTTPS, to support App-V, the following MIME types must be added to the IIS server:

  • .OSD=TXT

  • .SFT=Binary

Use the following KB articles as guidance for adding MIME types:

Kerberos Authentication

When you use HTTP or HTTPS and Kerberos authentication to stream ICO, OSD, or SFT files, you are enhancing the security of your environment. However, for IIS to support Kerberos authentication, you must configure a proper Service Principal Name (SPN). The setspn.exe tool is available for Windows Server 2003 from the Support Tools on the installation CD and is built-in to Windows Server 2008.

To create an SPN, run setspn.exe from a command prompt while logged in as a member of Domain Administrators—for example, setspn.exe –A HTTP/FQDN of Server ServerName.

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