Configuring Certificates to Support the App-V Web Management Service

Обновлено: Октябрь 2009 г.

Назначение: Application Virtualization

The App-V Web Management Service must be configured to support SSL-based connections to help secure the communication. This process requires that the Web server or computer on which the Management Service is installed has a certificate issued to the service or computer.

The following scenarios illustrate how to obtain a certificate for this purpose:

  1. The company infrastructure already has a public key infrastructure (PKI) in place that automatically issues certificates to computers.

  2. The company infrastructure already has a PKI in place, although it does not automatically issue certificates to computers.

  3. The company infrastructure has no PKI in place.

In each of the preceding scenarios, the method for obtaining a certificate is different, but the end result is the same. The administrator must assign a certificate to the IIS Default Web Site and configure the App-V Web Management Service to require secure communications.

The name of the certificate must match the name of the server. It is a best practice to use fully qualified domain names (FQDNs) for the common name of the certificate.

App-V can use IIS servers to support different infrastructure configurations. For more information about configuring IIS servers to support HTTPS, see

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