List of Persistent Chat Server compliance tables in Skype for Business Server

Skype for Business Server 2015

Дата изменения раздела:2015-03-09

The сохраняемый сеанс беседы compliance database schema consists of the following tables.


Table Description


Contains the compliance events that have not yet been processed by the configured adapter.

This table includes сохраняемый сеанс беседы-related events, such as chat messages and file downloads. (Participant events are tracked by the tblComplianceParticipant table.)

(The servers that processed the events in this table are listed in the tblComplianceFanout table.)


Contains the servers that processed a compliance event. This table is tightly coupled with the tblComplianceData table.


Contains current participants per chat service and per server. It is maintained based on join and part compliance events received from the сохраняемый сеанс беседы service.


Contains pool-wide compliance state information.