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Targeting Saved Data as Input Sources

From a Data Retrieval Session, you can locate saved data files and build a message collection that contains the data that you want to load into Message Analyzer. You can access the configuration for a Data Retrieval Session by opening the New Session dialog from the Message Analyzer File menu. To begin session configuration, click the Files button under Add Data Source in the New Session dialog. From the Files tab of the New Session dialog, you can then customize your session configuration, as described in Configuring a Data Retrieval Session.

Optimizing Data Retrieval
By selecting specific input files, specifying a Session Filter, and/or configuring a Time Filter, you can limit the data that is retrieved, so that smaller, more targeted message sets can be extracted from sources containing high volumes of data. This optimizes the data retrieval process because it results in the following:

  • More manageable data sets that focus only on specific data, optionally in a configurable window of time.

  • Better performance when loading message data.

  • More effective data analysis.

  • A focused set of messages that expedites the analysis process for others with whom you are sharing your results.

The features and functions that you will use to configure and start a Data Retrieval Session are described in the following topics of this section:

    Configuring a Data Retrieval Session

    Locating Supported Input Data File Types

    Merging and Aggregating Message Data

    Performing Data Retrieval

    Quickly Loading Data

    Working With Other Input Data Requirements

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