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Saving and Restoring Column Layouts

Message Analyzer enables you to save a particular column layout that you created during data analysis so that you can easily redisplay the layout configuration at any time. You can also share these layouts with others with whom you are working closely to resolve diagnostic issues. You can also save a specific column layout as the default for the Analysis Grid.

You can save column layouts by right-clicking any Column in the Analysis Grid and selecting the Save Column Layout As… command. You can set the default column layout for the Analysis Grid by selecting the Save As Default Column Layout command from the menu that displays when you right-click any Column. You can also load a column layout by selecting the Load Column Layout… command from the same right-click menu. In addition, if you remove any Columns from the default column layout of the Analysis Grid, you can add it back again by right-clicking any Column and selecting the Restore Default Column Layout command; however, you will then need to restart Message Analyzer. You can also access these same commands from the View Options group on the Ribbon of the Message Analyzer Home tab by selecting them from the Manage Columns drop-down menu.

Tip  To avoid a necessary Message Analyzer restart after using the Restore Default Column Layout command, you can save the default column layout of the Analysis Grid with a custom file name so that you can restore this layout any time you want. To do this, right-click any Analysis Grid Column while the default column layout is being displayed, and then select the Save Column Layout As... menu command. Then, specify a unique file name for your personal default column layout configuration in the Save As dialog that displays. Thereafter, whenever you need to load the Message Analyzer default column layout for the Analysis Grid, right-click any Column and select the Load Column Layout… command. Then, select the column configuration file that you saved in the default storage location and click Open to redisplay the Message Analyzer default column layout.

More Information
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