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Getting Started with Message Analyzer

Before you begin using Message Analyzer to capture live messages or retrieve data from saved message files and logs, you should familiarize yourself with its technologies and features. After doing so, you should give Message Analyzer a try by performing the Procedures: Quick Start.

What You Will Learn
In the topics of this section, you will learn about the following:

  • Installing and upgrading Message Analyzer, which includes how to preserve user-created assets from an existing Message Analyzer installation.

  • Message Analyzer concepts, usage features, and the technologies on which they are built.

  • The underlying PEF architecture and ETW framework that supports Message Analyzer operations.

  • Various methods for launching Message Analyzer.

  • The global options that are available that affect Message Analyzer performance, display configurations, or feature activation.

  • Other features such as accessibility shortcuts.

Message Analyzer takes new approaches to capturing, displaying, and analyzing message traffic, making it vastly different than other tools you may have used. To advance your understanding of Message Analyzer and to get started quickly with its features, you are strongly advised to examine the feature summary, read the technology overview, and review the Message Analyzer technology tutorials, as described in the topics of this section.

In This Section

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