Test Device


Дата изменения раздела:2015-03-23

You can add a test device to the Test Device page and then use this device to verify the functionality of new updates before deploying the updates to production devices. You can test a device globally (throughout your entire environment) or within a single site. You identify a test device by its Media Access Control (MAC) address or serial number. When you add a device, it appears in the list on the Test Device page of the Панель управления Skype для бизнеса Server.

You can perform the following tasks on the Test Device page:

  • Add a test device globally or for a particular site.

  • Modify the options for an existing test device.

The following lists describe the menus, commands, fields, and properties on the page.

  • New    You can add a new test device with the following scope:

    • Global

    • Site

  • Edit    You can change the options of a test device in the list. Using this option, you can do the following:

    • Show details    This option opens a dialog box in which you can change the options for a test device.

    • Select All    This option selects all test devices in the list.

    • Delete    This option deletes all selected test devices.

  • Refresh    You can refresh the test device list to verify the status of the options of all test devices.

For details about testing devices, see Создание устройства для проверки возможности обновления in the Operations documentation.