Response Groups Workflow


Дата изменения раздела:2012-09-25

Response groups consist of agent groups, queues, and workflows. "Группа ответа" workflows define the actions that are taken when the "Группа ответа" receives a phone call.

The Response GroupsWorkflow page displays a list of all the "Группа ответа" workflows that are defined for your organization.

You can perform the following tasks from the Response GroupsWorkflow page:

  • Create or change a hunt group workflow

  • Create or change an interactive workflow

The following list describes the commands on the page.

  • Create or edit a workflow    Opens the настройки группы ответа for creating or editing a workflow.

  • Refresh    Refreshes the list of workflows.

The following list describes the fields on the page.

  • Name    The unique name that is assigned to the workflow.

  • Service    The ApplicationServer service that hosts the workflow.

  • SIP address    The SIP address of the group that will answer calls to the workflow.

  • Telephone    The phone number that is called to reach this response group.

  • Language    The language that is used for speech recognition and text-to-speech.

  • IVR    Indicates whether the workflow is a hunt group or an interactive workflow.

  • Enabled    Indicates whether the workflow is activated to receive calls.

For details about "Группа ответа" features and capabilities, see Планирование работы приложения "Группа ответа" в Skype для бизнеса Server 2015 in the Planning documentation. For details about working with "Группа ответа" workflows, see Управление рабочими процессами для группы ответа in the Operations documentation.