Select Enterprise Voice Users


Дата изменения раздела:2012-10-10

Use the Select Enterprise Voice Users dialog box to find users who are enabled for Корпоративная голосовая связь. In the search box, type the SIP address or display name of the user that you want to find, and then click Find . To select a user, click the user in the search results list and then click OK . If you cannot find the user that you are looking for, that user might not be enabled for Корпоративная голосовая связь.

To retrieve all users enabled for Корпоративная голосовая связь, do not type anything in the search box.
You can also find all users whose display names or SIP addresses begin with a certain string. For example, to find all users whose SIP address begins with ken, type sip:ken. This will return users such as,, and

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