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Yammer empowers employees to be more productive and successful by enabling them to collaborate easily, make decisions faster, and self-organize into teams to take on any business challenge. It’s a natural fit for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online.

Check out the following for a quick introduction to Yammer:

A Yammer Enterprise subscription is required for Microsoft Dynamics CRM. A Yammer Enterprise subscription is included with Compare Office 365 for business plans.

If your Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online organization moves to a different global region (see Create and edit multiregional instances), you will need to reconfigure your Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online and Yammer connection. See Connect Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online to Yammer.

You begin connecting Yammer to Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online by completing the following steps in Office 365:

  1. Add and verify your company domain with Office 365.

  2. Assign a Global administrator to your company domain.

  3. Activate Yammer Enterprise from the Office 365 Dashboard.

Yammer requires a company domain, such as, to activate. Verify your domain in Office 365 is beyond the scope of a typical trial experience and thus will not be included in this guide. You can review and familiarize yourself with the process as described in the Yammer Activation Guide.

Connect Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online to Yammer

With a Yammer account created and activated, you can connect Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online to Yammer.

  1. Browse to your Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online web application and sign in as a system administrator.

  2. Na traci za navigaciju, izaberite Microsoft Dynamics CRM > Postavke.

    Postavke se pojavljuju u traci za navigaciju.

  3. Idite na stavku Podešavanja > Administracija. (Kako da stignem tamo?)

  4. Click or tap Yammer Configuration.

  5. Read the disclaimer, and then click or tap Continue.

  6. On the Yammer Configuration page, click or tap Authorize Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online to connect to Yammer.

  7. Sign in to your enterprise Yammer account using your administrator credentials.

    Authorize CRM to connect to Yammer

  8. Select your Yammer Group ID and security level.

    Yammer configuration

  9. To enable record types and rules to automatically trigger a Yammer post, click or tap Edit message rules.

    Click edit message rules in Yammer

  10. To trigger Yammer posts, enable or disable rules.

    Edit Yammer rules

Yammer posts are now part of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online.

Yammer posts in CRM

As well as in your Yammer feed.

CRM posts in your Yammer feed

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