Set up CRM Online to use Skype or Lync

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When you use Skype za posao or Lync Online and Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, your organization can benefit from these capabilities:

  • Real-time communications with customers, colleagues, and team members without leaving Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Click or tap a person’s phone number to call them.

  • Track meetings as Activities in Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

  • Get Presence information for members of the same email domain you are signed in with in Skype za posao or Lync.

Call a contact within Lync

  1. Verify that IM presence is enabled in Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Go to Settings > Administration > System Settings > General tab.

    Set the IM presence option

  2. In System Settings, set the telephony provider to Skype za posao or Lync.

    Select Lync as the provider

  3. Potražite Office 365 centar administracije i prijavite se koristeći akreditive Office 365 globalnog administratora ili CRM sistemskog administratora.

  4. On the Office 365 administrativni centar page, click or tap Admin > Skype for Business > organization.

  5. Choose the general tab. Review and set the presence privacy mode.

    Presence information is shown for members of the same email domain you are signed in to with Skype za posao or Lync. For example, if you are signed in with, you will see presence for other users.

    Instruct users to add the following as trusted sites in their browser:

    • https://*

    • https://*

    • https://*


  6. Choose the external communications tab. Review and set the external access and public IM connectivity settings.

    Lync admin center external communications settings

Now that Lync is setup, your Lync calls are tracked as activities.

Lync calls tracked as activities

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