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How to Change the Credentials for SQL Server Analysis Services Account

Bill Anderson|Last Updated: 7/1/2016
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Applies To: System Center 2016 Technical Preview - Service Manager

If the account that is used for the SQL Server Analysis Services account changes in Service Manager, you must also change the credentials for the account. Use the following procedure to change the credentials for the SQL Server Analysis Services account.

To change the credentials for the SQL Server Analysis Services account

  1. On the computer hosting SQL Server Analysis Server (SSAS), open SQL Server Management Studio.

  2. In the Connect to Server dialog box, complete these steps:

    1. In the Server Type list, click Analysis Services.

    2. In the Server Name list, select the server name for your Service Manager or data warehouse databases.

    3. In the Authentication list, select Windows Authentication, and then click Connect.

  3. In Microsoft SQL Server Management Studios, in the Object Explorer pane, expand Databases, expand DWASDataBase, expand Data Sources, and then double-click DWDataMart.

  4. In Data Source Properties - DWDataMart, under Security Settings, click the ellipsis button (...) next to ImpersonateAccount.

  5. In the Impersonation Information window, select Use a specific Windows user name and password, type the credentials for the new account, and then click OK.

  6. Click OK to close Data Source Properties - DWDataMart, and then close Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio.

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