What is migrated from Business Scorecard Manager 2005?

PerformancePoint Server 2007

更新: 2009-04-23

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The PerformancePoint Server 2007 Scorecard Migration Tool was designed to take your existing Business Scorecard Manager 2005 workspace files and convert them to Microsoft Office PerformancePoint Server 2007 workspace files.

While Business Scorecard Manager 2005 and 监控服务器 share many similar concepts and terms, subtle differences and expanded scope and complexity impact how information created in Business Scorecard Manager 2005 maps to PerformancePoint Server.

In Business Scorecard Manager 2005, a dashboard was not a formal definition or construct within the Scorecard Builder client. A single scorecard or report was deployed to a Windows SharePoint Services site and then you built the "dashboard" layout within Windows SharePoint Services, placing each Web Part individually. In PerformancePoint Server, you design your dashboard within 仪表板设计器, adding the scorecards, reports, charts, and parameters you need. You deploy a dashboard, not individual items.

A migrated Business Scorecard Manager 2005 workspace file will look very similar to a Business Scorecard Manager 2005 file. However, a fundamental change was made regarding reports. Reports defined in Business Scorecard Manager 2005 were associated with scorecards; in PerformancePoint Server they are not. The migration tool finds all reports that are attached to either scorecards or key performance indicators (KPIs) and converts them to first class objects. The reports now display in the workspace browser. In PerformancePoint Server, you must first create a dashboard and then add both the scorecard and the report view to the dashboard.

Indicators, data sources, and KPIs defined in Business Scorecard Manager 2005 map closely with the structure in PerformancePoint Server. Report views and scorecards will undergo changes during the migration process due to fundamental schema changes for those objects in PerformancePoint Server.


Either Office SharePoint Server 2007 or Windows SharePoint Services must be installed in order to successfully install and use Monitoring Server. The terms Windows SharePoint Services and SharePoint Services are used collectively in PerformancePoint Server documentation to refer to Office SharePoint Server 2007 and Windows SharePoint Services 3.0.

What is migrated?

All first class objects in Business Scorecard Manager 2005 are migrated to PerformancePoint Server. These first class objects include indicators, data sources, KPIs, KPI report views, and scorecards. Report views, whether they were attached to a KPI or to a scorecard, are migrated even though they were not first class objects in Business Scorecard Manager 2005. The migration tool converts them to first class objects in PerformancePoint Server.

The majority of the properties associated with the first class objects are migrated. For more information, see Detailed mapping information.

What is not migrated?

The following table describes elements that are not migrated from Business Scorecard Manager 2005.

Element Comments


Dashboard definitions were not defined in Business Scorecard Manager 2005 workspace files and therefore not migrated.

Page filters on scorecards

Filters have been moved from the scorecard to the dashboards. Filters can now be linked to any scorecard or report within the dashboard. Re-create your filters in 仪表板设计器.

Time intelligence

None of the time intelligence features for Business Scorecard Manager 2005 KPIs will convert to PerformancePoint Server.

The implementation of time intelligence is significantly different than what existed in Business Scorecard Manager 2005. In PerformancePoint Server, you first create a mapping of your time dimensions to a relative time member. Then, you create a filter with the time intelligence features and associate these to your scorecards or reports.

Scorecard views

Only the first scorecard view converts to PerformancePoint Server. All other scorecard views must be re-created.

Server name and permissions

Because we cannot guarantee that the Business Scorecard Manager 2005 and PerformancePoint Server run on the same computer, the server name is not converted. Choose a server name during the installation of PerformancePoint Server.

Comments and annotations

Comments and annotations for each of the first class objects are not migrated.

KPI weights

The KPI weights are not migrated. Edit the KPI after migration to adjust the levels as needed.

Summary objectives

The KPI summary objectives are not migrated. Re-create these as objectives and add them to the scorecard.

Objective reports

Re-create these reports and add them to the dashboard.

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