(RUS) Generate the inventory balance turnover report [AX 2012]

Updated: February 4, 2014

Applies To: Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3, Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R2

Use the Inventory balance turnover form to generate the inventory balance turnover report. You can generate the report grouped by the following dimensions:

  • Inventory profile

  • Warehouse

  • Site

  • Kind of activity

  • Balance account

  • Storno

  • Dimension

You can also group the transactions by inventory turnover dimension. In the Inventory and warehouse management parameters form, in the General area, in the Inventory turnover dimension field, select the inventory turnover dimension that to use to group the transactions. In the Inventory dimensions area, you can select the inventory dimensions (Inventory profile, Warehouse, and Site) to want to work with, and to display for the journal lines. For more information, see 库存和仓库管理参数 (窗体). The total amount for each item is calculated and displayed in the report as a total amount of inventory transactions and inventory transaction adjustments for the period, for each inventory dimension.

  1. Click Inventory management > Inquiries > Transactions > Inventory balance turnover.

  2. In the Start date and To date fields, select the starting and ending dates of the period that the report is generated for.

  3. Select the Expand turnovers check box to include turnovers from internal transfers in the report.

  4. Select the Show physical turnover check box to include physical inventory turnovers in the report.

  5. Select the Show totals check box to calculate and display total turnover values in the report.

  6. Select the Show zero turnover check box to include transaction lines with zero turnover for the specified period.

  7. Select the Show item name check box to include the item name in the report.

  8. Click Select.

  9. In the Criteria field, select the condition that the Inventory profile, Warehouse, Site, Kind of activity, Balance account, Storno, or Dimension field must match to be returned by the query.

  10. Click the Dimensions tab.

  11. In the Available fields list, select the fields that you want to display in the report, and then move them to the Selected fields list.

  12. Click OK to generate the report.

Some temporary data is generated when you generate the inventory balance turnover report. To remove this temporary data, click Inventory and warehouse management > Periodic > Clean up > Cleanup on-hand inventory calculation on date. In the Created until field, select a date, and then click OK to delete the data that is created up until the specified date.

You can run a periodic job to calculate on-hand inventory on the inventory closing date. When the periodic job is run, transactions that are related to remaining items are generated and grouped by the Inventory profile, Warehouse, Site, Kind of activity, Balance account, Storno, and Dimension dimensions.


When you cancel the on-hand inventory closing process, transactions that are related to remaining items are canceled.

  1. Click Inventory management > Periodic > On-hand inventory on date.

  2. In the Date of on-hand calculation field, select an inventory closing date.

  3. Select the Update calculation check box to recalculate on-hand inventory.

  4. Click OK to run inventory closing.

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