(DNK) Set up AIF for OIOUBL electronic invoicing [AX 2012]

已更新:June 14, 2013

应用于: Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3, Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R2, Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Feature Pack, Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012

Use the 出站端口 form to create an outbound port, set up services and adapters for an outbound port, and specify the Application Integration Framework (AIF) settings that are required to generate Offentlig Information Online Universal Business Language (OIOUBL) electronic invoices.

You must scan for new adapters and services before you can set up outbound ports for the first time. The port setup is affected when there is a change in the Application Object Tree (AOT). You must also scan the adapters and services every time that a change that affects the port configuration is made to the AOT.

此功能需要增强的集成端口。有关如何配置增强集成端口的信息,请参阅 Managing integration ports

  1. 单击 系统管理 >设置 >服务和应用集成框架 >出站端口

  2. In the 端口名称 and 描述 fields, enter a name and a description for the outbound port.

  3. In the 适配器 field, select 文件系统适配器. This adapter is used to create and save the OIOUBL electronic invoices.

  4. In the URI field, specify the location of the Source folder where you want to save the sales invoices. For more information, see (DNK) Configure Microsoft Dynamics AX for OIOUBL electronic invoicing.

  5. Click the 服务合同自定义 FastTab, and then click 服务操作.

  6. In the 选择服务操作 form, select the SalesSalesEInvoiceService.read service operation for sales invoices, or the ProdProjEInvoiceService.read service operation for project invoices, and move it to the 选定的服务操作 list.

  7. Close the form.

  8. In the 出站端口 form, select the 自定义文档 check box, and then click 数据策略.

  9. In the 文档数据策略 form, click 全部启用 to select all XML schema elements, and then close the form.

  10. Click the 处理选项 FastTab, and then in the 默认编码格式 field, select UTF-8.

  11. Click the 疑难解答 FastTab, and then in the 记录模式 field, select 所有凭证版本.

  12. Select the 在错误中包括异常 check box to display the X++ error messages.

  13. Click the 安全性 FastTab, and then in the 限制到公司 field, select the company for which the electronic invoices are generated.

  14. Click 启用 to use the port to exchange data by using AIF.

  15. Close the form.

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