(MEX) Create and post a return order as an electronic invoice [AX 2012]

已更新:February 5, 2014

应用于: Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3, Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R2, Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Feature Pack, Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012

Use the 退货单 form to create a return order when a customer returns an item. Register the arrival of the returned item in the 到达概览 form. The details of the return order are then updated in the 销售订单 form. You can use the 销售订单 form to select and post the return order as an electronic invoice.

When you create the return order for an imported item, you must specify the pertinent customs information, such as the customs document number, date of import, and customs authority name. You must set the 产品类型 field to 物料 in the 创建产品 form.

  1. 单击 销售和市场营销 >常用 >退货单 >所有退货单

  2. Click 退货单 to create a return order. For more information, see Create a return order.

  3. Close the forms.

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  5. In the 到达概览 form, register the item arrival. For more information, see 登记退回物料的接收.

  6. Close the form.

  7. 单击 应收帐款 >常用 >销售订单 >所有销售订单

  8. Double-click a sales order that has the 订单类型 field as 退回订单, and then click 编辑.

  9. In the 销售订单 form, click Header view.

  10. On the 常规 FastTab, in the 物料退回授权号 field, verify that the return merchandise authorization (RMA) number of the return order to be posted has been updated.

  11. Click Line view, and then click the 行明细 FastTab.

  12. Click the 产品 tab, and then in the 客户编号 field, enter the number of the customs document that was generated when the item was imported.

  13. In the 自定义日期 field, select the date when the item was imported, and then in the 客户姓名 field, enter the name of the customs authority in the country that the item was imported from.

  14. Click the 发票 tab, and then click 发票.

  15. In the 过帐发票 form, select the 打印发票 check box to print the return order invoice after the invoice is posted, and then select the 发送电子邮件 check box to send the .pdf and .xml files of the return order invoice as email attachments to the customer.

  16. Click OK to post the return order as an electronic invoice. The .pdf and .xml files of the electronic invoice are sent as email attachments to the customer. A copy of the .xml file of the electronic invoice is archived.


    Click 批处理 to post the return order as an electronic invoice by using a batch process.

  17. Close the forms.

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