(BEL) Approve or cancel vendor register invoices with Intrastat information [AX 2012]

已更新:November 12, 2010

应用于: Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3, Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R2, Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Feature Pack, Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012

You can approve or cancel a vendor invoice that contains Intrastat information after the invoice has been registered and posted for approval. For more information, see (BEL) Create and post a vendor invoice journal and a vendor register with Intrastat information.

  1. 单击 应付帐款 >日记帐 >发票 >发票审核日记帐

  2. Press CTRL+N to create a new journal. For more information, see 创建并验证日志和日志行.

  3. Click to open the 日记帐凭证 form.

  4. Click 查找凭证 to open the 查找凭证 form, which lists the invoice vouchers that are posted to temporary accounts pending approval.

  5. Select the invoice vouchers that contain Intrastat information. Click Select to move the selected vouchers to the lower pane, and then click OK to transfer them to the 发票审核日记帐 form.

    You can also click Select all and then click OK to select and transfer all the vouchers to the 发票审核日记帐 form.

  6. Select a voucher in the upper pane of the 日记帐凭证 form. You can view the transaction lines that are created when the voucher is posted in the lower pane.

  7. If the invoice does not need to be linked to an outstanding purchase order that contains Intrastat information, click 过帐 > 过帐 to approve and post the invoice. If the invoice does need to be linked to an outstanding purchase order, click 功能 > 采购订单, and then click 过帐 > 过帐 to approve and post the invoice. If the Intrastat information in the invoice is incorrect and the invoice cannot be approved, click 功能 > 取消.

    You can reverse a posted invoice. For more information, see 冲销交易记录.

  8. Close the forms to save your changes.

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