Accounts payable reports [AX 2012]

Updated: February 1, 2013

Applies To: Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3, Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R2, Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Feature Pack, Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012

The following reports are available in the Accounts payable module of Microsoft Dynamics AX:

History by vendor transaction report (VendLedgerTrans)

Invoice journal report (VendInvoiceJour)

Invoice pool excl. posting report (VendInvoicePoolNotPosted)

Invoice specification report (VendInvoiceSpec)

Invoice turnover report (VendInvoiceVolume)

Invoices not approved report (VendReportApproveCollection)

付款方案报表 (CustVendPaymProposal)

Product receipt report (PurchPackingSlip)

Promissory note journal report (VendPromissoryNoteReport)

Purchase order report (PurchPurchaseOrder)

Purchases in the past periods chart report (VendPurchasePastXPeriods)

Receipts list report (PurchReceiptsList)

Remittance format 1 (test) report (VendOutAttendingNote_PNRemittance)

供应商帐龄分析表报告 (VendAgingreport)

Vendor balance list report (VendProvisionalBalance)

Vendor balance list with credit limit report (VendBalanceList)

Vendor base data report (VendBaseData)

Vendor currency conversion reconciliation report (VendLedgerReconciliation)

Vendor currency conversion settlement report (VendCheckSettlement)

Vendor currency revaluation simulation report (VendExchRateAdjSimulation)

Vendor foreign currency revaluation report (VendExchRateAdjustment)

Vendor internal account statement report (VendAccountStatementInt)

Vendor invoice journal totals and transaction count chart report (VendInvoiceJournalTotalTrxCount)

供应商发票报告 (VendInvoiceDocument)

供应商发票交易记录报表 (VendInvoice)

Vendor payment journal totals and transaction count chart report (VendVendorPaymentJournalTotalTrxCount)

Vendor phone list report (VendPhoneList)

Vendor transactions report (VendTransListReport)

(AUT) EDIFACT-PAYMUL report (VendOutAttendingNote_ATEDIFACT)

(AUT) EDIFACT-PAYMUL (AT) report (VendOutPaymAdvice_ATEDIFACT)

(BEL) Report from Isabel payments report (VendPaymRefReport_BE)

(CAN) Print checks report (Cheque_CA)

(CAN, USA) Vendor detailed due day list report (VendDueReportDetail_NA)

(CAN, USA) Vendor payment journal report (VendPaymentJournal_NA)

(CAN, USA) Vendor posted payment journal report (VendPostPaymJournal_NA)

(CHE) Elektronischer Zahlungsauftrag report (VendOutPaymOrder_CHEZAG)

(CHE) Payment advice report (VendOutPaymAdvice_CHDTA)

(CHE) Payment advice report (VendOutPaymAdvice_CHEZAG)

(CHE) Vergütungsauftrag report (VendOutPaymOrder_CHDTA)

(DEU) DTAUS report (VendOutAttendingNoteDE_DTAUS)

(DEU) DTAUS (DE) report (VendOutCoveringLetter_DEDTAUS)

(DEU) DTAZV report (VendOutAttendingNote_DEDTAZV)

(DEU) DTAZV report (VendOutCoveringLetter_DEDTAZV)

(DEU) DTAZV (DE) report (VendOutPaymControl_DEDTAZV)

(DEU) Print checks report (Cheque_DE)

(DNK) Print checks report (Cheque_DK)

(ESP) Open cartera transactions report (VendPromissoryNoteOpenTrans_ES)

(ESP) Open payment documents report (VendOpenPaymDocu_ES)

(ESP) Open transactions by method of payment report (VendTransOpen_PaymMode_ES)

(ESP) Payment documents-invoices relation by transaction date report (VendInvoiceSettled_TransDate_ES)

(ESP) Print checks report (Cheque_ES)

(ESP) Print promissory note report (BankPromissoryNote_ES)

(ESP) Remittance Format 34 AEB(ES) (VendOutPaymControl_ES)

(ESP) View Intra-Community invoice report (VendEUVatInvoice)

(FIN) Payment control report (VendOutPaymControl_FI_FOR)

(FIN) Payment control report (VendOutPaymControl_FI_LM)

(FRA) FRAFB report (VendOutPaymAdvice_FRAFB)

(FRA) Open promissory notes report (VendPromissoryNoteOpenTrans_FR)

(FRA) Payment control report (VendOutPaymControl_FR)

(FRA) Print checks report (Cheque_FR)

(FRA) Print promissory note report (BankPromissoryNote_FR)

(FRA) Vendor account statement (France) report (VendAccountStatement_FR)

(GBR) Print checks report (Cheque_UK)

(ISL) Vendor invoice declaration report (VendOutInvoiceSumByDeclaration_IS)

(ITA) Pagamento Fornitori (IT) report (VendOutPaymControl_IT)

(NOR) Payment lines report (CustVendPaymJournal)

(RUS) Advance holder balance report (EmplBalance_RU)

(RUS) Register of payment orders printing report (BankPaymentOrderJour_RU)

(SWE) Payment slip report (Giro)

(SWE) Postgirot (SE) report (VendOutPaymControl_SE)

(THA) Withholding tax slip (TaxWithholdSlip_TH)

(USA) Duplicate taxpayer identification report (Tax1099DupTIN)

(USA) Print checks report (Cheque_US)

(USA) Tax 1099 detail report (Tax1099Detail)

(USA) Tax 1099 print options report (Tax1099Report)

(USA) Tax 1099 summary report (Tax1099Summary)

(LTU) Packing slip registration journal (report)

(CHN) Payable statistics (report)

(CHN) Payable details (China) (Report)

(CHN) Vendor payable balance report

(CHN) Vendor balance by buyer group (China) (Report)

(CHN) Vendor balance by dimension (report)

(CHN) Vendor balance by profile (China) (report)

(CHN) Vendor balance by vendor group (China) (report)

(CHN) Vendor balance inquiry (report)

(CHN) Vendor balance report

(CHN) Vendor details (China) (report)

(CHN) Due amount analysis Accounts payable (China) (report)

(CHN) Aging analysis of payable payment (report)

(CHN) Vendor details with aging (China) (report)

(CHN) Vendor settlements report (China)

(CHN) Vendor aging (report)

(CZE) Vendor advance invoices journal report (VendAdvanceInvoiceJour)

(HUN) Vendor advance invoices journal report (VendAdvanceInvoiceJour)

(POL) Vendor advance invoices journal report (VendAdvanceInvoiceJour)

(RUS) Advance holder transactions report (EmplTransList_RU)

(RUS) Transaction settlements report (EmplSettlement_RU)

(RUS) Print journal report (LedgerTransPreview_RU)

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