(IND) Setting up and maintaining tax information [AX 2012]

Updated: July 17, 2012

Applies To: Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3, Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R2

The following table lists the forms that support setting up and defining tax information for India. The table entries are organized by task and then alphabetically by form name.


Some forms in the following table require information or parameter settings to navigate to them.

For more information about setup and maintenance tasks, see the System and Application Setup Help.


Form name


Setting up and defining tax information

(IND) Customs tariff codes (form)

Set up customs tariff codes for import and export.

(IND) Enterprise tax registration numbers (form)

Set up tax registration number for legal entities, vendors, and customers.

(IND) Excise tariff codes (form)

Set up the excise tariff code.

(IND) General ledger parameters (modified form)

Set up parameters for General ledger.

(IND) India sales tax form types (form)

Set up sales tax forms for a state or for a center.

(IND) Legal entities (modified form)

Maintain information for a legal entity.

(IND) Manage addresses (modified form)

Set up multiple addresses for the legal entity and enter address-specific tax information.

(IND) Recoverable certificates (form)

Set up certificate details for the TDS and TCS certificates that you receive for a specific vendor or customer.

(IND) Service codes (form)

Set up service tax codes for the service tax that your organization calculates and pays to the service tax authorities.

(IND) Tax components (form)

Set up tax components for customs tax, excise tax, sales tax, Value Added Tax (VAT), and service tax.

(IND) Tax ledger posting groups (form)

Set up the ledger posting groups for indirect taxes.

(IND) Tax registration group (form)

Set up tax registration groups that contain tax registration numbers for tax types.

(IND) VAT schedule (form)

Set up VAT schedules.

(IND) Withholding tax authorities (form)

Set up withholding tax authorities for the TDS and TCS tax types.

(IND) Withholding tax component groups (form)

Set up withholding tax component groups for the Tax Deducted at Source (TDS) and Tax Collected at Source (TCS) tax types and create TCS or TDS certificates for each component group.

(IND) Withholding tax components (form)

Set up withholding tax components for the TDS and TCS tax types.

(IND) Withholding tax concessions (form)

Enter withholding tax concession certificate details for customers and vendors for the TDS and TCS tax types.

(IND) Withholding tax reporting codes (form)

Set up the withholding tax reporting codes for the TDS and TCS tax types.

(IND) Withholding tax settlement periods (form)

Set up the withholding tax settlement periods that your organization uses you report withholding taxes for the TDS and TCS tax types.

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