(IND) Set up general ledger parameters for the duty drawback (DBK) incentive scheme [AX 2012]

Updated: May 23, 2012

Applies To: Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3, Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R2

Use the General ledger parameters form to activate the Export-Import (EXIM) incentive schemes. Then set up the duty drawback parameters for the Duty Drawback (DBK) incentive scheme. You can use the Incentive scheme parameters form to set up the duty drawback parameters.

  1. Click General ledger > Setup > General ledger parameters.

  2. In the General ledger parameters form, in the left pane, click Sales tax, and then select the Activate incentive schemes check box to activate EXIM incentive schemes.


    This check box is available only if you select the Customs check box in the Apply India taxes group in the Sales tax area in the General ledger parameters form.

  3. Click Incentive schemes.

  4. In the Incentive scheme parameters form, in the left pane, click DBK, and then select the Duty drawback check box to activate the Duty Drawback incentive scheme.

  5. In the Benefit account field, select a ledger account to post the transactions for the duty drawback benefit to.

  6. In the Receivable account field, select a receivable ledger account to post the transactions to when you apply for the duty drawback.

    If you do not select a receivable account, the transactions are posted to the ledger account that is selected for the port authority that is specified in the Customer account field in the EXIM ports form.

  7. In the Minimum pct. for duty drawback and Minimum amount for duty drawback fields, enter the minimum percentage and minimum amount of the Free On Board (FOB) value that is required before you can apply for duty drawback.

  8. In the left pane, click Number sequences, and then select number sequence codes to use for references for the DBK voucher and the DBK internal ID references.

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