Subscription 类

Represents a subscription in the report server database.


命名空间:  ReportService2006
程序集:  ReportService2006(在 ReportService2006.dll 中)

public class Subscription

Subscription 类型公开以下成员。

公共方法SubscriptionInitializes a new instance of the Subscription class.

公共属性ActiveGets the ActiveState object of a subscription.
公共属性DeliverySettingsGets the settings for the delivery extension of the subscription.
公共属性DescriptionGets a description of the format and the delivery method for the reports that are associated with the subscription.
公共属性EventTypeGets the type of event that triggers the subscription.
公共属性IsDataDrivenGets a value that indicates whether the subscription is data-driven.
公共属性LastExecutedGets the date and time the report server last executed the report.
公共属性LastExecutedSpecifiedGets a value that indicates whether the LastExecuted property is specified.
公共属性ModifiedByGets the name of the user who last modified the subscription.
公共属性ModifiedDateGets the date and time the user last modified the subscription.
公共属性OwnerGets the user name for the owner of the subscription.
公共属性PathGets the fully qualified URL of the report that is associated with the subscription.
公共属性ReportGets the name of the report that is associated with the subscription.
公共属性StatusGets the status of a subscription.
公共属性SubscriptionIDGets the ID of the subscription.
公共属性VirtualPathGets the virtual path of the report.

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A Subscription object is returned as output by the ListAllSubscriptions, ListMySubscriptions, and ListReportSubscriptions methods.

此类型的任何公共 static(在 Visual Basic 中为 Shared) 成员都是线程安全的。不保证所有实例成员都是线程安全的。