CatalogItem 类

Represents an item in a report server database or SharePoint library.


命名空间:  ReportService2010
程序集:  ReportService2010(在 ReportService2010.dll 中)

public class CatalogItem

CatalogItem 类型公开以下成员。

公共方法CatalogItemInitializes a new instance of the CatalogItem class.

公共属性CreatedByGets the name of the user who originally added the item to the SharePoint library.
公共属性CreationDateGets the date and time that the item was added to the SharePoint library.
公共属性CreationDateSpecifiedGets or sets a value that indicates whether the CreationDate property is specified.
公共属性DescriptionGets the description of an item.
公共属性HiddenGets a value that indicates whether an item is hidden on the user interface.
公共属性HiddenSpecifiedGets or sets a value that indicates whether the Hidden property is specified.
公共属性IDGets the ID of an item.
公共属性ItemMetadataGets or sets a list of item metadata.
公共属性ModifiedByGets the name of the user who last modified the item.
公共属性ModifiedDateGets the date and time the user last modified the item.
公共属性ModifiedDateSpecifiedGets or sets a value that indicates whether the ModifiedDate property is specified.
公共属性NameGets the name of an item.
公共属性PathGets the full path name of an item.
公共属性SizeGets the size, in bytes, of an item.
公共属性SizeSpecifiedGets or sets a value that indicates whether the Size property is specified.
公共属性TypeNameGets the type of the item.
公共属性VirtualPathGets the virtual path of the item.

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User-defined properties are not represented in CatalogItem objects. To retrieve user-defined properties, use the Property class by using the GetProperties method.

CatalogItem is returned as output by the ListChildren, and ListScheduledItems(String) methods.

此类型的任何公共 static(在 Visual Basic 中为 Shared) 成员都是线程安全的。不保证所有实例成员都是线程安全的。