Securing the service from unauthorized use


適用於: Forefront Security for Exchange Server

主題上次修改日期: 2007-12-25

The Forefront Security for Exchange Service utilizes Distributed COM (DCOM) to launch and authenticate Forefront Server Security Administrator connections. You can build an access list of authorized users who can connect to the FSCController utilizing the Forefront Server Security Administrator.

  1. Open a command prompt window.

  2. Type DCOMCNFG and press ENTER. The Component Services dialog box appears.

  3. In the Console Root section, expand Component Services.

  4. Expand Computers.

  5. Expand My Computer.

  6. Expand DCOM Config.

  7. In the Applications list, right-click FSCController, and then select Properties. The FSCController property dialog appears.

  8. Click the Identity tab and configure your user accounts.

  9. Click the Security tab and use the permissions lists to control which user accounts have rights to launch and activate the FSCController, access the FSCController, or change the DCOM configuration.

  10. Click OK to close the Properties dialog.

To learn more about services, including information about FSCMonitor, FSEIMC, FSCRealtimeScanner, FSCTransportScanner, and FSCStatisticsService, see the Forefront Security for Exchange Server Services chapter of the "Microsoft Forefront Security for Exchange Server User Guide."