Updating through a proxy


適用於: Forefront Security for SharePoint

主題上次修改日期: 2007-12-07

In environments where the SharePoint servers must access the Internet through a proxy server, FSSP can be configured to retrieve engine updates through that proxy.

  1. In the SETTINGS section of the Shuttle Navigator, select General Options.

  2. In the Scanner Updates section of General Options, select Use Proxy Settings.

  3. Enter the following information in General Options:

    • Proxy Server Name/IP Address   The name or IP address of the proxy server.

    • Proxy Port   The number of the port Forefront Security for SharePoint should use.

    • Proxy Username   The name of a user with access rights to the proxy server (if necessary).

    • Proxy Password   The appropriate password for the proxy user name (if necessary).

  4. Click Save to retain your changes.

After the proxy server settings have been entered and saved, they can be deployed to other servers by replicating the General Options settings using the Microsoft Forefront Server Security Management Console.