Key Monitoring Scenarios

適用於: Mobile Device Manager, Operations Manager 2007, Operations Manager 2007 R2

The MDM Management Pack for Operations Manager 2007 includes a number of key monitoring scenarios that are configurable. Generally, the management pack monitors and reports the status of an MDM system, and helps to ensure that all MDM components are configured and running properly. For example, if MDM Device Management Server or any of its subcomponents encounter issues, the management pack detects the issue and sends the event, notification, or alert properly.

For network availability and service discovery, the management pack ensures that if network connectivity is disrupted or a server goes offline, the management pack reports the failure information in a timely manner and alerts the administrator with proper severity. For MDM system status, the management pack monitors and reports events for all MDM components in a timely manner, and also checks and reports the health status of the MDM system periodically.

The MDM Management Pack monitors the following major components and their respective subsystems:

  • MDM Device Management Server

  • MDM Enrollment Server

  • MDM Gateway Server

  • MDM Self Service Portal