Configuring Exchange Server 2003 servers to be Managed by Operations Manager 2007

適用於: Exchange Server, Operations Manager 2007

To manage servers running Exchange with Operations Manager 2007, they must be configured as managed objects of an Operations Manager 2007 Management Group. Windows-based managed objects are either agent-managed or agentless managed computers.

For more information about agent-managed and agentless managed computers, see "Configuring Objects to Be Managed by Operations Manager 2007" ( in the Operations Manager 2007 Help.

Agent-Managed Computers

An agent-managed computer is a Windows-based computer that has the Operations Manager 2007 agent installed. The Exchange Server 2003 Management Pack for Operations Manager 2007 provides complete monitoring functionality for agent-managed servers running Exchange Server 2003.

The Exchange Server 2003 Management Pack requires that all Agent-managed computers use LocalSystem as their agent action account.


If you are managing Exchange Server 2003 clusters, you must install the agent and enable agent proxy on all physical cluster nodes.

Agentless Managed Computers

The Exchange Server 2003 Management Pack for Operations Manager 2007 does not support agentless monitoring.