Key Monitoring Scenarios

適用於: Exchange Server, Operations Manager 2007

The Exchange Server 2003 Management Pack for Operations Manager 2007 includes monitors, rules, alerts, views, and reports to help manage the availability, configuration, performance, and security of your Exchange Server 2003 environment.

Rules and monitors can generate alerts, but only monitors can change the health state of an object, such as from Healthy to Critical. Views can be looked at in the Operations Manager 2007 Operations console and the Web console.

The monitors, rules, and alerts can be enabled, configured, and disabled through overrides, according to your requirements. For more information about a specific monitor, rule, alert, or view, see its properties in the Operations Manager 2007 Operations console.

It is recommended that you create a management pack exclusively for containing the overrides you create for the Exchange Server 2003 Management Pack and then apply the management pack to the appropriate group, such as the Exchange 2003 Role. By doing so, you can verify your overrides in a test environment, export the management pack you created, and then import the management pack to your production environment.

Notifications can be configured for an alert so that the messaging team can be notified when a specific alert occurs. This notification enables a team to quickly respond to issues, helping to prevent an interruption of service. For information on configuring notifications, see the "About Notifications in Operations Manager 2007" ( topic in the Operations Manager 2007 Help.