SharePoint Services 2003 Management Pack Guide

適用於: Operations Manager 2007, Operations Manager 2007 R2, SharePoint Services

You can use the Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services Management Pack to create and configure Web sites for team communication and collaboration. This Management Pack enables you to monitor Windows SharePoint Services components and related databases and Web sites. The Management Pack uses front-end Web servers that make client requests for information that is stored in back-end databases.

Windows SharePoint Services connects services that are running on applications, such as Internet Information Services and SQL Server, that can be geographically dispersed. The Management Pack discovers and monitors a number of key Windows SharePoint Services components, such as the Windows SharePoint Services application, related Web sites, and databases. The Management Pack can report issues that cause downtime or poor performance.

In addition to health monitoring capabilities, this Management Pack includes dashboard views and extensive knowledge with embedded inline tasks and views that enable rapid diagnosis and resolution of detected issues.

The Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server 2003 Management Pack depends on the Windows SharePoint Services Management Pack for its foundation.

Document Version

This guide was written based on the March 2007 version of the SharePoint Services 2003 Management Pack.

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