Synchronize users and passwords to Office 365 with the Microsoft Azure Active Directory sync


適用版本: Office 365

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One way to add your users to Office 365 is to synchronize them from your on-premises directory. When you do this, the synchronization process creates a new user account in Office 365 for each user account in your on-premises directory.

We recommend that you create new Office 365 users by using the Azure Active Directory sync tool when:

  • You have Active Directory set up already and have more than 250 but less than 2,000 users.



Setting up identities for users is one of the required steps in a setup path for Office 365. For more information, see 簡化您的 Office 365 部署.

Here are a few things to keep in mind about synchronizing users and passwords:

  • You synchronize your directory by using the Microsoft Azure Active Directory sync tool. When you synchronize your directory to Office 365, the sync tool keeps your users, groups, and optionally, your user passwords in sync. If you only want to move your users to the cloud once and don’t intend to keep your on-premises environment going, consider another user migration method, such as CSV import.

  • Before you synchronize, you should clean up the entries in your directory. This helps ensure a smoother, faster synchronization. You can use the IdFix tool to perform this cleanup, you can do it manually, or you can hire someone to do it for you.

  • Decide whether you want any users to perform admin tasks in Office 365. You can select the type of administrative role to assign to users after you synchronize. Your choices include billing admin, password admin, and user management admin, among others. It’s not necessary to assign an administrative role for users if you don’t want to.

  • Optionally, you can choose to synchronize passwords when you synchronize users. This enables your users to sign in to Office 365 by using the same password as they use to log into your on-premises network. However, password synchronization doesn’t provide single sign-on (SSO).

After you synchronize, you can send an email to your users that lets them know that they have been synchronized to Office 365. When they receive that email, they can sign in and begin using Office 365.

To finish synchronizing successfully, some knowledge of Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS) is very helpful but not required.



Get started

When you’re ready to synchronize users, you can go to Tasks for synchronizing users and passwords with the Microsoft Azure Active Directory sync tool.

There are other ways to create users in Office 365. Here are some other options.


Method Description More information

Create a list of users and import them all at once

If you have a lot of users and don’t want to synchronize them, you can create a list of users and import them all at once. This list is called a comma-separated values file, or CSV file. This method does not synchronize users, groups, or passwords.

It takes a little time to create and populate the file, but then you can create all the users in Office 365 at once. See Add multiple users with a CSV file to learn more.


Hire a partner to help you create users

Hire a partner to help you create and synchronize users, groups, and passwords. You can find a list of partners in the Office 365 Marketplace.