Create new user accounts in Office 365


適用版本: Office 365

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The first step in deployment is to set up identities for your users. The simplest method for creating users is to add them in the Office 365 admin center. You create a new work account for each person who will use Office 365.

We recommend that you create new users in the Office 365 admin center when:

  • You are starting fresh and don’t currently have an on-premises email system.

  • You have an Active Directory version older than 2003, or you have an on-premises e-mail system that can’t be IMAP enabled.



Setting up identities for users is a required step in a setup path for Office 365. For more information, see 簡化您的 Office 365 部署.

Here are a couple of things to keep in mind about creating users:

  • You can create as many users as you have licenses. For example, if you purchased 25 licenses, you can create up to 24 more users in addition to your own account.

  • Decide in advance whether you want any users to perform admin tasks in Office 365. You can select the type of administrative role to assign when you create the user. Your choices include billing admin, password admin, and user management admin. It’s not necessary to assign an administrative role for a user if you don’t want to.

After you create each user, you can automatically send an email to the user that contains the user’s new Office 365 account name and password. When the user receives that email (using his or her existing email address), the user can sign in and begin using Office 365.

Creating a user account in the Office 365 admin center is straight forward. You complete a short wizard and specify the user’s name and a few other details. You do this for each user you create.



Get started

You can go to the users and groups page in the Office 365 admin center to start creating users.

There are other ways to create users in Office 365. Here are some other options.


Method Description More information

Create a list of users and import them all at once

If you have a lot of users and don’t want to create them one a time, you can create a list of users in a file and import them. This list is called a comma-separated values (CSV) file. It takes a little time to make the file, but then you can create all the users in Office 365 at once. See Add multiple users with a CSV file to learn more.


Hire a partner to help you create users

You can find a list of partners in the Office 365 Marketplace.